What Is Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality, virtual reality

Augmented reality or AR is an experience that enhances real-world objects with the help of sensory stimuli, digital and visual elements, and sound and makes things interactive. It is basically the virtual and real-world combination with which one can interact with the physical world and observe the 3D animations or virtual displays. Mostly, worldwide companies are using this technology to make mobile computing and business applications more valuable.

Furthermore, mostly augmented reality is used to inspect the newly created objects and their specifications by running them in the real world. It is the best way to analyze the capabilities because it helps in making decisions about the product’s features and performance. In addition, it increases volumes to the constant objects and makes it virtually interactive by using information technology.

Augmented reality is also known as computer-mediated reality and mixed reality. Most people aware of AR after using Pokémon Go, Snapchat filters, and other similar applications. Similarly, these are the best example of AR entertainment. Additionally, some of the other best examples are:

  • Disney Coloring Book
  • IKEA Mobile App
  • L’Oréal Makeup App
  • Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers
  • U.S. Army
  • Weather Channel Studio Effects
  • Amazon Hair Colouring App
  • Gucci Virtual sneakers and others.

Therefore, AR can combine the real world and digital information and make the environment and objects interactive. Furthermore, AR technologies can be found in every phone, camera, and other similar appliance nowadays. For instance, object recognition, AR cameras, computer vision, and other features are available in today’s advanced gadgets. Similarly, these gadgets are transforming human daily life into the simplest ones. The above examples of AR applications show how important it’s becoming in the E-commerce field. Numerous companies are using this technology to attract customers and to provide more ease in purchasing or selecting a product.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)

VR or Virtual reality is the creation of a simulated environment by using computer technologies. VR involves you in a completely different world and demands to shut out the real world. Moreover, with VR users can experience the different or artificial world in the form of 3D visuals displays. Also, VR can contain sensors like hearing, touch, vision, smell, and others. In addition, virtual reality can be experienced by using VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and other similar devices. These can create artificial 3D environments and provide virtual displays of it to the user.

Difference Between Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Both the technologies VR and Ar are two very divergent things. VR demands you to move in a different world that contains artificial intelligence, imaginary displays, etc. However, AR augmented reality provides additional visual information in the real world. Similarly, AR technology can be used in the real existing world whereas, virtual reality VR demands one to shut out the physical world. Additionally, VR requires one to wear the headsets however, the augmented reality works by wearing simple glasses or can be operated on the smartphone. Both technologies are important in transforming the consumer’s life and promising to bring more ease.

Another differentiate is AR users have the opportunity to control the presence of visual displays in the real world. In contrast, the users of VR are in control by the system. Furthermore, AR can give the users both displays of real-world as well as a virtual world. While VR only serves the virtual or fictional world.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Augmented Reality


The main benefit is it is not taking you completely off from the physical world, however, you can be in the real world and operate the features. Also, AR doesn’t demand you to wear heavy headsets it can be easily run on your smartphone. Moreover, AR is feasible for all humans to use, additionally, mentally disabled people can also simply utilize the technology.

The AR is serving in many fields like health, eCommerce, etc. It is helping users in their daily routine and aware them of further health issues and can diagnose numerous diseases accurately. Technologies like AR are no doubt a perfect innovation that can save the quality time of users and make their life more accessible in the future.


The AR application needs grasp or proper guidance before using. It is not easy to operate for regular people. Only people having such information regarding AR can operate such applications simply. Otherwise, it can take more extra time and effort in managing the app. Another drawback is, AR applications don’t offer secure privacy policies. It is necessary to ensure more authentic privacy services in AR apps.

The performance level of AR devices needs updates because it is pushing the technology backward. Similarly, it can get better by making the testing phase more valuable. Above all, AR applications can be more expensive because they offering unordinary features.

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