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The US Has Finally Lost In Afghanistan

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The US Has Finally Lost In Afghanistan

Every eye is seen to be claiming that the US has finally lost in the US-Afghan war and leaving it by putting into a dreadful and apocalypse condition, Which Pakistan also suffered. The US ought to have acquiesced to its failures in Afghanistan as it previously did unilaterally in Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. World’s best public intellectual Professor Noam Chomsky has already declared the US as a “Failed State” in the living world due to its so-called pivotal policies. Recently, the US announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan in Doha.US forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001 pursuing the September 11 Attacks.

Pakistan has finally realized its sufferance in US-Afghan War.

A country like Pakistan has finally realized its fiasco and stark sufferance in US-Afghan War. Now, PM Imran Khan has made it noisy and clear that He won’t permit its region to be utilized by the US for any kind of activity inside Afghanistan as their administration did it previously.

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Absolutely Not” was the PM’s answer when asked during a talk with Axios on HBO whether Pakistan would “permit the American government to have CIA here in Pakistan to lead cross-line counterterrorism missions against Al-Qaeda, ISIS, or the Taliban”.

Further, He has cleared his stance by giving an interview to Washington Post and  New York Times. He said that the US couldn’t win the conflict from inside Afghanistan following 20 years how might it do from bases of Pakistan? If our country somehow happened to consent to have US bases for activity inside Afghanistan, it would again be focused on vengeance by militants if civil conflict resulted.

Pakistan is now thinking that it had sown those things which were not even reaped by them. Ultimately, set aside itself from Afghanistan would be the best option for Pakistan. Pakistan tried to engage America in a Peace dialogue with the Afghan Taliban. America has lost 2400 of its soldiers and billions of dollars in the Afghanistan War.

Beggars Can’t be choosers

American Pivotal Policy again reminds Pakistan that “Beggars Can’t be choosers”. Pakistan can’t choose its stance to support Uyghur Muslims in the Chinese Region. Despite knowing that their rival Israel has even condemned the Chinese atrocities on Uyghur Muslims in UNHRC.

Osama Bin Laden a “Martyr”?

The biggest militant in American history and mastermind of 9/11 Osama Bin Laden is already declared “Martyr” here in Pakistan by the head of the government Imran Khan during his speech in 2020. His foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi during his talks to an Afghanistan-based TV news channel ignored the question by saying “let it passed” on Imran Khan’s view about Osama bin Laden, who was clandestinely murdered in a mission by the US forces in Abbottabad.

Pakistan’s crucial role as a mediator in US-Taliban Peace Talks

Pakistan played a crucial role as a mediator in US-Taliban Peace Talks. Still, America is not ready for the vacant whole of Afghanistan. America fears that the Afghan Taliban would take control of Afghanistan by force. Biden agreed to give access to Kabul Airport in the hands of Turkey. The meeting was held with Erdogan at the NATO summit 2021. Almost, 600 Turkish soldiers have already been in Afghanistan since 11 September 2001. Turkey is an ally of NATO but Turkish Intelligence claimed, “Their forces didn’t take part in any combat operations”.

As the US announced its withdrawal. the Taliban has claimed to have captured 21 districts without firing a single bullet. They are now very near to Kabul.  American Intelligence warns that If the Taliban continues to take over Afghanistan by Force they will not recognize their Government.

US Senator Lindsey Graham has criticized the Biden administration for non-engagement with the Government of Pakistan. He says Withdrawal From Afghanistan without being engaging with Pakistan is a Big Blunder making, bigger than that of Iraq. Recently, The FATF has decided to put Pakistan again on the grey list for another year. After even accomplishing 26 points out of 27. Observation ensures that Biden Administration is using FATF as a political victimization tool to keep Pakistan under pressure.

American Relationship with Pakistan is lopsided. The US thinks they are giving aid to Pakistan and in return, Pakistan has to serve and protect its interests. It shows that Pakistan must keep its mouth shut by not demanding civilized or balanced relations which are usually based on Mutual understanding.


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