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Samia Suluho swore as New President of Tanzania

Samia Suluhu

Samia Suluhu swore as New President of Tanzania

Samia Suluhu who was the vice president in John Magufuli’s Cabinet has been promoted as the new president of Tanzania after she announces the official death news of Tanzania’s President John Magufuli.

President Magufuli died due to Covid19 some authentic sources claimed. While officially Government office does not confirm. President has died due to Heart Disease ( Tanzania’s Govt Said) Now, She will run President’s office for 5 five years according to the Country’s constitution.

She has honored to be the first female African who has become President in Tanzania. Samia first joined the public office in 2000 and elected as constitute Chairperson in 2014 Although, She joined President Magufuli’s office in 2015 by facing huge criticism. She is observed as the most underrated politician in Tanzania. After taking her Presidential oath she was honored by 21 fire guns. Afterward, She inspected the military parade.

While Addressing the nation in her first Presidential speech She said :

“It is not the time to point fingers at each other but to hold hands and move forward to build the new Tanzania that President Magufuli aspired to”

Mrs. Samia announced 21 days of mourning for former President Magufuli. She also announced 22nd and 25th March will consider a Public Holiday because on that day’s President will be buried.

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