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Putin signs legislation to rule till 2036

Putin signs legislation

Putin signs legislation allowing him to rule till 2036

Russian top ruling and powerful president Vladimir Putin signs legislation himself by using his presidential powers and make him unopposed President till 2036.

Putin proposed the change a year ago as a feature of protected changes that Russians overwhelmingly moved in a vote in July. Legislators affirmed the new bill a month ago.

He on Monday Signed Legislation that constitutionally would help him to hold Presidential Office till 2036. His current presidency tenure was to expire in 2024, However now it extends till 2036.

Putin, currently serving as President of Russia since 2012 is  68 and will be 83 in 2036. Putin already becomes a long-serving President of Russia after Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union for almost 3 decades.

According to international sources: Before Putin became Russia’s President. Vladimir Putin worked as a KGB spy for 16 years. It was also said, that Putin was involved in the 2016 American elections alleged to support Trump in his Presidential Elections.

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