Netanyahu vows to bring direct flights from Tel Aviv to mecca

Tel Aviv to mecca

Netanyahu vows to bring direct flights from Tel Aviv to mecca if he triumphs in elections.

Legislative Elections in Israel are scheduled for 23rd March 2021. Many demonstrators have criticized PM Netanyahu due to his failure in internal matters. like throwing out ministers from his cabinet and his corruption charges which are under trial for two years. Although talking to one of the international TV channels, Netanyahu Promised to bring direct flights from Tel Aviv to mecca if he wins in Tuesday’s elections.

This statement clearly shows his intention to improve diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia. Just like Israel did with UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan with the American President’s support in 2020. Earlier in 2017, Israel’s energy minister Yuval Steinitz claimed that; “Israel and KSA have agreed to make diplomatic ties with each other”. Also, the leaked letter which was published in Al-Akhbar (Lebanon’s famous newspaper) created more controversies in the Muslim World. The letter showed that KSA’s foreign minister pledged Israel for diplomatic Ties.

Netanyahu was also scheduled to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman in his recent visit to UAE. But due to concerns over Jordan, his visit was canceled.

Netanyahu during his election campaign has come up with three unique agendas to fulfill.

  • To stop Iran from Nuclear Weapons.
  • Emphasize Palestine to accept Israel.
  • Continue construction work in East Jerusalem.

Even though in Israel many intellectual Jews people have lashed out at Netanyahu’s policies to demand Palestine to recognize Israel as a “Jewish State” deems as Rubbish.

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